A new association aimed at bettering the show experience for AMATEUR RIDERS across the country in the jumper and hunter ring at A shows has been formed: The AMATEUR RIDER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA. Our membership consists of amateur riders who seek to promote fair competition and improved quality of experience in the top shows in the United States, and also professionals who seek th better the experience of their students in the show ring. We seek your input and support!
Please JOIN US - annual dues are $45 - and connect with us on Facebook.

  • Offer Recognize the Low, Medium and High A/O Jumpers at the USCF, so they are offered at all major shows.
  • Standardize the height of the Low, Medium and High A/O Jumpers at 1.20m, 1.30m, 1.40m respectivly with 5 inch increase for the classics.
  • Split the Low, Medium and High Amateur Owner Jumpers by age: 35 and under and over 36.
  • Re-introduce the Low Medium and High A/O Jumpers at the National Horse show and take the top 30 horses in the country in all three divisions.
  • Apply the same rules for the adult jumpers, the amateur owner jumpers and the Grand Prix riders so there is no unfair "cross over" in classes.
  • Rotate classes in every ring when possible at every show so all amateur riders get a chance to compete in larger and tighter rings.

March 26, 2016

NJcom.png   New group seeks set Amateur-Owner jumper fence heights.

March 24, 2016

plaid_horse_logo.jpgThe Amateur Rider Association of America (ARAA) is working on behalf of those who compete in the Amateur divisions at horse shows across the country, seeking USEF recognition and standardization of the three Amateur-Owner Jumper divisions.

ARAA founder and president, Ariane Stiegler, who competes in the Amateur-Owner division, hopes to increase safety and fairness for all riders and horses in the amateur division by setting standards for each of the three Amateur-Owner divisions. Read more...


March 9, 2016

Ariane Stiegler - ARAA President, in the Palm Beach Post in February 2016 discusses her plans with WEF to improve the Amateur Owner jumper divisions in the USA.


March 7 2016

ARAA Founder Ariane Stiegler discussion with The Chronicle of The Horse her goals for the A/O jumper divisions this year in the USA.